graphic designer & illustrator

I studied graphic design at University from Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the last years I have designed for productions from Germany, France and Argentina.

I currently live in Berlin, and work as Props Graphic designer and graphic-Set decorator for film productions.

My goal is to support projects and voices that have something to tell, being part of creative teams.

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Ich machte meinen Abschluss in Grafikdesign an
der Universität von Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2016)

In den letzten Jahren habe ich für Filme aus Deutschland, Frankreich und Argentinien designed.

Zurzeit lebe ich in Berlin und arbeite als Grafik-Props und Set-Dec Graphic designerin für Filmproduktionen.





ELECTRIC EYE (aka Constellation)

/ science fiction Serie - TV Series, Apple TV+

Props Graphic design. Support and creation of props such as: Logos, Labels, prints & more...

Deutschland - 2022


A selection of Filmproduction works:

NEUANFANG. Director Mariella Santibañez. SHORTFILM

Props-graphic designer, set-Dec Graphic design. Portrait artwork, photoretouching and print design.

Deutschland - 2021

SAMSUNG. set design: Paulina Radic López. SPOT

Set-Dec graphic designer. Portrait artwork, illustration, photoretouching and print design.

Deutschland - 2021 - 2022

VINTED AD. set design: Paulina Radic López. SPOT

Props graphic designer. Newspaper, Logo, crossword, Book Covers design.

Deutschland - 2021

Songs of a Caretaker (AUF PLATTE), Directed by Pascal Schuh. Production Designer Isabelle Siegrist. FILM

Poster design, Vinyl, Label and Logos design

Berlin, Deutschland - 2021

NIGHTLIFE, by Simon Verhoeven. FILM

Logo, Posters, Illustrations & Signage design

Berlin, Deutschland - 2020

THE DECISION, by Nicolas Bori. SPOT

Logo, Print Design, Illustration & Signage design

Stuttgart, Deutschland - 2019

ARTEMISIA, by Savio Debernardis. SHORTFILM

Brand Design, Logo, Poster and illustrations

Berlin, Deutschland - 2019

THE QUIETUDE, by Pablo Trapero. FILM

Logo, Poster, Signage, Flyers, General Print Design & Photoretouching

Cannes, France - 2018

DEALER, by Juan Manuel Pinzón. SHORTFILM

Album Design, Logo, Poster Design.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2018


Print Design & Lettering

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2016


Some companies I have worked with...

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